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Receipt & Bill Head, J. Smith and Son, Kew Jam Works, Burscough Junction, 1900.

Kew Jam Works (Burscough Junction).

This small jam works was established in 1895 by John Smith and Son, preserve manufacturers, and was situated adjacent to the saw mill at Burscough Junction (the original saw mill was built by Thomas Bridge who established his timber and contracting business there in 1864).

The jam works were approached by the small road leading off Junction Lane next to the Junction Hotel. In 1902 shares were issued by the company and a second and first dividend of 1/7d. in the £ was declared. The jam works was the first undertaking in Burscough to be granted the permission to make connection for piped water. By 1905 the works closed down.

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Workers from Martland's Crisps, Mart Lane, late 1940s.

Back row left - right: Alice Dean (nee Dawson), unknown 1, Ethel Winrow.

Middle row left - right: Rose Wright (nee Tromp), Gladys Spencer.

Front row left - right: Vera Hannon (nee Dawson), Josephine Ashton (nee Dawson), Lucy Breeze (nee Piercy).

(Photo courtesy - Ann Evans).

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Workers from Martland's Crisps, Mart Lane, late 1940s.

Back row left - right: Vera Hannon (nee Dawson), Alice Dean (nee Dawson), Rose Wright (nee Tromp), Gladys Spencer, Ethel Winrow.

Front row left - right: 'Flossy' Forrest, Josephine Ashton (nee Dawson), Lucy Breeze (nee Piercy).

(Photo courtesy - Ann Evans).

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Superwood's Staff, Platts Lane, c1959.

Front row left to right: Linda Mills, Margaret Winrow, Winnie Houghton, Mrs Greenlees, unknown 3, Alex Tidy, Bruce Smith (Owner of Superwoods), Eddie Thomas, Bill Gore, Cyril Gibbons, Alf Fitton, Fred Benbow, Nancy Ball.

2nd row left - right: Walter ?, Pat Prentice, Barbara Timmings, Linda Ribbons, Janey ?, Grace McCloud, Gwen Halliwell, Lil Halliwell, unknown 13, Ruth Bunting, Pauline Cottom, unknown 14, Joyce Clandon, Glenyce Golden.

3rd row left - right: Jack Forshaw, Dennis Dolan, Harry Vicars, Ben ?, Brian Disley, unknown 16, Bill Melling, Terry Bowen, Keith Lyon, Geoff Bourne, George Mordent, Frank MacMannis, unknown 20.

4th row left - right: Ian Rimmer, unknown 21, Philip Carr, Geoff Thompson, Tom Marsh, David Kerr, Norman Harrison, unknown 22, Fred Owen, Dick Molyneaux, Tom Dawson, unknown 23.

Back row left - right: unknown 24, Sid Thomas, Harry Langton, unknown 26, John Braggar, Arthur Mawdsley, Frank Kay, John Molyneaux, unknown 27, unknown 28, Ronnie Swift, Bobby Marsh, unknown 29, Ernie Wright.

(Photo courtesy - Eileen Dawson).

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 Close up of Superwood's staff (left side).

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 Close up of Superwood's staff (right side).

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Berry & Hellowell have built houses in the area for many years. This photograph of their tradesmen was taken in 1934. The firm had started in Ainsdale but moved their headquarters to Burscough in the 1930s and went on to build many houses in Burscough and Ormskirk, including Trevor Road and Glenroyd Drive.

Ernie Hellowell is sat 6th from the left front row (without the cap).

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The Stringfellows were a well known local family of basketmakers, early 1900s. Pictured here in front of some of the tools of their trade are,

Back row left - right: Harry Stringfellow (he also played football for Portsmouth), Fred Stringfellow, Tom Stringfellow (he was the organist at Lathom Chapel), unknown, Richard Stringfellow.

Front row left - right: William Stringfellow, Annie Stringfellow, Mother of Margaret Iddon, Father of Margaret Iddon, Margaret Iddon, Jimmy Stringfellow.

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Hague's pack house, Briars Lane, c1960s.

(Photo courtesy - Geoff Birchall / Burscough Heritage Group).


The Stringfellows had their basket making business on Moss Lane, Burscough, early 1900s.