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Images of Burscough and Surrounding Areas

Since 2010 I (Michael Dawson) have been running two very popular Facebook pages (Images of Burscough and Surrounding Areas & HMS Ringtail, RNAS Burscough), so that everyone can see the collection of photos / memorabilia  I have been collecting for the past 20 years of the local area (in the case of HMS Ringtail, 30 years).

I have also had several displays / exhibitions of images and memorabilia that has generated a great deal of local interest.


In April 2015 and along with Lawrence Critchley it was thought that a dedicated website would make the growing archive of images / film footage / memorabilia / stories etc., more accessible and interactive. The aim and motto of the group is...

"Keeping the Past Alive"

The online archive can be utilised by schools / community groups and individuals seeking to find out more about the area they live in or have had connections with in the past.

Images of Burscough and Surrounding Areas does not take monies for personal gain and any funds raised are used go towards the running costs of the website and the group. Membership / visitors to the website and Facebook groups is free and always will be.

We raise funds through grants / donations / sponsors and advertisers on the website. (Images of Burscough and Surrounding Areas now has a dedicated bank account of the same name).

We aim to give talks to other community groups etc. and only ask a small donation for this.

If you would like more information please go to the contact us menu on the homepage of this website. During the year we will be attending various shows and events these dates and venues will be detailed on the latest news section of the website, our Facebook pages and in the local press.

Click on the links to our Facebook pages at the top of this page.

img177 - Copy - Copy 1

Burscough Village, c1900.

IMG_3528 tone mapped b & W copy 1

Burscough Village, 1st June 2014.

All the images on this website are put on as low quality in order that they can not be downloaded and used by others. Many of the images are copyright of this group, but many are the copyright of other groups and individuals.

This being the case certain images can be purchased (as A4 Prints / digital files) and funds raised this way help support the group.

Please go to the contact us menu on the home page of this website if you would like more information or would like to purchase an image(s) etc.

Also click on 'Items for sale' which can be found in 'About us' on the home page.

If you would like to advertise on our unique website the annul cost is £25 (with a link to your own website / Facebook page by clicking on the advert taking the viewer to your website). Again contact us if you are interested.

This website like the Facebook pages are interactive and we always welcome any stories or information that may be of interest to add to the archive. In particular we are always on the look out for any photos / images / film footage etc. and we would always ask permission before putting anything on the internet. Please contact us if you think you may have something of interest, we of course would only take copies of anything donated.

We would like to thank our sponsors and those who have given us grants and donations.

Most of all we thank you, the many people who visit this website and the Facebook pages, it is for sure without doubt that because of the interest so far shown, Images of Burscough and Surrounding Areas would not be what it is today.

Images of Burscough and Surrounding Areas, c/o Michael Dawson, 54 The Quays, Burscough, Lancashire, L40 5TW.

img314 copy 1

Burscough Village, early 1900s.

IMG_3971 cropped tone mapped (15) B&W copy 1

Burscough Village, 8th June 2014.