800dpi - darts team c1947 - Copy

The Cambridge Hotel Darts Team c1947, pictured on the Cambridge's bowling green.

Back left - right, Tom Riley, Les Forshaw, Dick Parr, Johnny Lavelle, Teddy Dutton, Ron Lawson, Norman Bellingham, Norman Hesketh, John Bowen.

Front left - right, Bill Robinson (scouse), Eddie Lawson, Jimmy Langton, Tom Webster, Fred Hankin, Harry Vickers.

(Photo courtesy - Danny Hunter).


Burscough Boxing Club, c1960.

Back row left - right: Lindon Young, Ken Dykes, Brian Scragg, Alan Burton, Cyril Dobson.

Front row left - right: Keith Taylor, Michael Gaunt, Emlyn Dykes, Alan Crone, Bernard Smith.

(Photo courtesy - Nancy Wells).


Jim Gardner's Boxing Club / Gym, pictured here at Mill Dam Farm.

Back row left - right: unknown 1, Jim Gardner, Ken Crompton, George Gilbody Snr, unknown 2, Garry Crompton, Tom Heath.

Front row left - right: ? Gorman, Bob Forshaw, George Gilbody Jnr, unknown 3 (behind Gilbody Jnr), Geoff Riley.

(Photo courtesy - Jim Gardner).


Jim Gardner's Boxing Club / Gym, pictured here at Mill Dam Farm, c1950s.

(Photo courtesy - Jim Gardner).

cambridge bowling team c1907 - Copy

The Cambridge Hotel bowling team c1907 with trophies and canteens of cutlery they had won in competition.

ormskirk golf club c1904

The Club House, Ormskirk Golf Club, Cranes Lane, c1904.

img975 - Copy (2)

Golf Links, Ormskirk Golf Club, Cranes Lane, c1904.

methodist netball 1946-7 - Copy

Burscough Methodist Netball Team, 1946-47.

Back row left - right: Elaine Topping, Ena Wignall, Jean Crabbe.

Front row left - right: Audrey Aspinall, Edie Kerr, Annie Fairhurst, Joyce Parr.

(Photo courtesy - Mrs Briscoe).

Methodist netball 1950-51

Methodist Netball Team, 1950-51.

Back row left - right: Jean Arnold, Norma Price, Margaret Pye.

Front row left - right: ? Mawdesley, Jean Draper, Myra Wignall, Madeleine Hall, Jean Kerr.

(Photo courtesy - Karen Lees).

Methodist netball 1951-52

Methodist Netball Team, 1951-52.

Back row left - right: Pat Woods, Malvina Madden.

Front row left - right: Norma Price, ? Mawdesley, Jean Kerr, Jean Arnold, Margaret Parr.

(Photo courtesy - Karen Lees).

Methodist netball 1952-53

Methodist Netball Team, 1952-53.

Back row left - right:, Wendy Molyneux, Sheila Staziker.

Front row left - right: Norma Price, Pat Leet, Margaret Parr, Jean Arnold, Pat Woods.

(Photo courtesy - Karen Lees).

BHG 0019

Methodist Netball Team, 1954.

Back row left - right: Joan Dargan, Edith Harrison.

Front row left - right: Margaret Caunce, Maureen Price, Pat Leet, Sheila Rimmer, Sheila Robbins.

(Photo courtesy - Burscough Heritage Group).

Schools, Net Ball Team 1954-55 Cw

Methodist Netball Team, 1954-55.

Back row left - right: Joyce Clandon, unknown 2, Joan Neale.

Front row left - right: Jean Cheetham, Joyce Brown, Sheila Rimmer, Margaret Cuance, Edith Harrison.

(Photo courtesy - Burscough Heritage Group).

img882 janet flavell cropped

Methodist School Netball Team, 1958.

Back row left - right: Hilary Fairclough, Christine Derbyshire, Christine Pye, Elsie Radford.

Front row left - right: Pauline Hampson, Vivien Topping, Janet Flavell, Denise Lamb.

(Photo courtesy - Janet Gallop, nee Flavell).

secondry modern, priory, c1958 rounders team

Burscough Secondary Modern Rounders Team, c1958.

Back row left - right: Sheila Lawson, Elaine Forshaw, Norah Caunce, unknown 1, Christine Arnold, Mrs Bailey.

Front row left - right: Carol Jenkins, Linda Price, Irene Cheetham, Pauline Stringman.

(Photo courtesy - Carol and Rich Gilbody).

img438 - Copy

Darts and Dominos presentation at what is thought to be the Junction Hotel, c1950s/60s.

Back row left - right: Barney Derbyshire ?, Ronny "tricky" Lawson, George Morley, Peter Roughley, unknown 5.

Front row left - right: Fred Forshaw, Stan Gaskell, Bill Arnold, Brian Johnson.

(Photo courtesy - Edna Arnold).