Bert Spruce inside 'New Lane Shop', c1960s.

(Photo courtesy - George and Janet Lawson).


Jean Spruce (left) and Janie Rimmer inside 'New Lane Shop', c1960s.

(Photo courtesy - Pauline Rimmer).


Jimmy Lawson (left) and George Lawson inside 'New Lane Shop', c1960s.

(Photo courtesy - George and Janet Lawson).


Emma Vickers, 1970s.

(Photo courtesy - Doug Elliot).


Two of Burscough's greatest entertainers, Emma Vickers and Bill Gibbons, 1970s.

(Photo courtesy - Doug Elliot).

10974713_1522358661318050_5156761440928432907_o (2)

Ruth and Harry Dutton, June 1985.

(Photo courtesy - Susan Bullen).


Arnold Weatherill, 1990s.

(Photos courtesy - Susan Slobin).

800dpi - danny hunter - Copy (2) - Copy

Dressed up for Pace-egging, c1925.

Left to Right; Bill Tyrer, Danny Hunter, Bill Pye, Peter Gibbons, John Gastall.

(Photo courtesy - Danny Hunter).


At a Walking Day, Burscough Village, c1954.

Left - right: Nellie Cook (nee Ashcroft), Annie Watkinson (nee Ashcroft), Mrs. Arnott, 'Dickie Mint'.

(Photo courtesy - Ellen Williams).


Mr & Mrs Jack Norris, New Lane, 1920s.

Jack's nickname was 'Rosca'.

(Photo courtesy - Angeline Smith).

coronation party -2

VE Day Celebrations, Canal Bank New Lane, 1945.

Left - right: Sheila Rimmer, Joyce Parr, Margaret Parr, Sylvia Jackson, Rhonda Jones (Peace Queen), Maureen Catteral. The lady stood at back (right) wearing the crown is Madge Parr.

alan barrows mum and nan, school lane

Taken in a garden down School Lane.

Back row left - right: Catherine Jupp (nee Parr), Catherine Martin (nee Alexander), Unknown 1, Margaret Alexander, Kathryn Martin, Annie Barrow (nee Iddon), Jane Alice Barrow (nee Parr).

Front Row left - right: Grace Jenkins (nee Alexander), Joyce Tinsley (nee Jupp), Ruth Suffell, Bertha Owen (nee Alexander).

(Photo courtesy - Carol and Rich Gilbody).


Pictured at the Methodist School, Orrell Lane, c1934 are.....

Left - right: Stella Johnson, Nancy Burton, Barbara Arnold, Annie Draper, Nora Arnold and Nora Stazicker.

(Photo courtesy - Nancy Wells, nee Burton).


Pictured in a field off Warpers Moss Lane, c1952.

Left - right, James Culshaw, Jack Staziker, Richard Ashcroft, John Ashcroft (baby), Brenda Ashcroft (nee Staziker), Mrs. Martha Staziker (Brenda's mother).

(Photo courtesy - Ellen Williams).


Pictured in a field off Warpers Moss Lane, c1950.

Left - right, Annie Watkinson (nee Ashcroft), Jack Staziker and Mrs. Staziker, the baby is John Ashcroft.

(Photo courtesy - Ellen Williams).

Three generations of Thomas Meadows.

img478 - Copy - Copy

Thomas Meadows the Boatman, c1920s (Granddad).


img516 - Copy - Copy

Thomas Meadows also known as Lordy (son of Thomas Meadows the boatman) late 1950s - early 1960s.

(Photos courtesy - Beryl Fleming).

img516 - Copy - Copy (2)

Thomas Meadows (grandson of Thomas Meadows the boatman) late 1950s - early 1960s.

img741 - Copy

The Addy Family in Lathom, c1927/28.

Back left - right: Irene Addy, Thomas Addy, Margaret Addy.

Front left - right: Nora Addy, Tess Addy, Fred Addy, Joe Addy.

Lying at the front: Millie Addy.

(Photo courtesy - Ann Smith).

img426 - Copy - Copy

Pictured at a Methodist School Garden Fate are,

Left - right: Mrs Berry, Lil Catterall, Rene Flavell (crouching), Eileen Berry, Nora Holcroft.

Hazel Berry (sat on the floor at the front).

(Photo courtesy - Ann Smith).

img432 - Copy

Pictured in the War Memorial's garden, Burscough in 1952 are....

Left - right: Anne Sharpe, Frank Addy, Tom Addy, Margaret Addy, Mrs Sharpe (sitting).

(Photo courtesy - Ann Smith).

img745 - Copy

Pictured at Burscough Methodist School, Orrell Lane, c1950s are......

Left - right: Ann Flavell, Janet Flavell, Ian Flavell.

(Photo courtesy - Ann Smith).



Richard Ashcroft (middle), Bargeman, c1960s.

(Photo courtesy - Ellen Williams).

Photo 3 - Copy

William Arnold in the garden of his house, Briars Lane, c1920s.

William was a coachman for the Ainscough family at Brooklands (Flax Lane).

(Photo courtesy - Barbara Dibb).


Photo 2 little pony - Copy

William Arnold with a pony in the garden of Brooklands, Flax Lane, c1920s.

(Photo courtesy - Barbara Dibb).

Photo 1 - Copy

William Arnold holding an Ainscough's horse in show condition. It would have been shown all around Lancashire. Location unknown, c1920s.

(Photo courtesy - Barbara Dibb).

img417 - Copy

The Ainscough family and employees pictured outside Richard Ainscough's family home, 'Brooklands', off Flax Lane, c1910.

On the extreme right in the middle is William Fletcher (Grandfather of Philip Fletcher)

'Brooklands' was built c1885 and demolished in the 1960s. It is one of the first (if not the first) to receive electricity in the local area. The date of installation of electricity to Brooklands was around c1890.

(Photo courtesy - Evelyn and Philip Fletcher. Philip was the 4th generation of his family to work at Ainscough's Mill).


St. John's Catholic Garden Fate, Brooklands House, Flax Lane c1955.

Back row left - right: Barbara Gallagher, unknown 1, unknown 2, Josephine Greatorex, Teresa Clarkson, Linda ?, Angela Turner, Maureen Hopson, unknown 3, Peter Briggs.

Front row left - right: Denise Urquhart, Judith Brand, Susan Fairclough, unknown 4, Marion Baron, Marion Rawlinson, Margaret Ashton, Ann Birrell.

(Photo courtesy - Tony and Denise Bridge)

img564 - Copy

Joe Martland (left) and Dan Holcroft, Back Moss Lane Farm, c1933.

(Photo courtesy - Brian Porter).

sgt richard 'dick' sephton, special constable ww2 rufford - Copy

Sgt. Richard 'Dick' Sephton. Special Constable in Rufford during WW2.

(Photo courtesy - Brian Porter).